5 things you should do before relocation in Dubai

Relocation in dubai

These are some tips which you surely need for relocation in Dubai or anywhere else.

Book a moving company: To make sure you get the best service for the right price, request moving quotes from multiple providers on perfectmoversuae.com. They will provide you with 5 quotes from different providers within 24 hours and all you’ll have to do is pick one.

When to do this: 1 – 2 weeks before your move

  1. Transfer your Du/Etisalat account: Carve out some time to head down to your nearest Etisalat or Du center to put in a request to transfer your line. Once you’ve applied for the transfer, the technician will come to connect your line in 2-4 days.

When to do this: No later than 3 days before your move

What you will need to bring: Passport copy or Emirates ID copy, Copy of your new tenancy contract

How much it will cost: AED100 which will be added to your next bill

Helpful tip! You can schedule the Du/Etisalat technician to come to your home on the day of your move to make sure you are connected by the time you move.

  1. Disconnect your DEWA account at your old home: In order to disconnect DEWA, you can either submit the form online or go to the DEWA office directly. You will then receive your final bill, which may take 2-3 days of processing. Once you’ve received the notification that your final bill is ready, you will need to go to the DEWA office and pay it and then proceed to the customer service counter and collect your deposit.

When to do this: 7 days before your move

What you will need: Passport or Emirates ID copy, Previous DEWA bill

How much it will cost: No charges

Relocation in dubai

  1. Connect your DEWA in your new home: To open a DEWA account, you will need to submit an application form to DEWA which you can find on their online portal or by going directly to the office.

When to do this: 3 days before your move

What you will need: Passport copy, Emirates ID copy, Filled out and signed DEWA form, Copy of the tenancy contract, 9 digit DEWA premise number which you will find outside your door on top of the corner, Title deed to your new home, Landlord passport copy

How much it will cost: If you are moving into a villa, your deposit charge will be AED 4000. If you are moving into an apartment, the deposit charge is AED 2000. There is also a DEWA connection charge of AED 110. These things should be kept in mind for relocation in Dubai.


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